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Madonna in trono con bambino e donatrice Lucignano

Madonna in trono con bambino e donatrice

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Artist: Niccolò di Segna
Year: Trecentesca
Current location: Museo Comunale di Lucignano
Original location: San Francesco a Lucignano

Madonna Enthroned with the Child and Nicholas Francis Mark is a fourteenth-century table from the spire shape coming from the Church of St Francis. The background, which we have to imagine golden presents punching along the frame and around the faces of the characters, to draw the halos. Below on the right, he is the figure of a woman depicted in prayer on a smaller scale than the Madonna and Child: it is the commissioner of the work. The inscription that runs behind the throne reveals the identity of the woman "Monna Muccia wife who was Guerrino Ciantari", a rich and pious widow, who donated this painting to the church of San Francesco.

Madonna in trono con bambino e donatrice