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San Bernardino da Siena Lucignano

San Bernardino da Siena

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Artist: Pietro di Giovanni d'Ambrogio
Year: 1448
Current location: Museo Comunale di Lucignano
Original location: San Francesco a Lucignano

Pietro Giovanni d'Ambrogio table representing San Bernardino of Siena in the act of preaching against the vanity of earthly things.

The saint is dressed in the traditional robe and poor, under her feet are depicted three mitres, a sign of his triple refusal to the bishop charged in Siena, Ferrara and Urbino, in favor of a more humble and poor life. In the book opened in reads "QUE SURSUM sunt sapite NOT QUE SUPER TERRAM" ie "know the things of heaven on earth" left hand, as if suspended in the right hand between the fingers holds a golden disk where the Christian monogram is reported " JHS "or" Iesus Homini Salvator "surrounded by 12 sunlight, as there are apostles.

This symbol is part of the iconography of this saint and was approved by Pope Eugene IV in 1432 becoming very popular among the faithful. His head is surrounded by a halo in a radial pattern, typical of the blessed, because at the time of the board, painted in 1448, had not yet been canonized. At the bottom of the table they read the name of the painter Pietro di Giovanni d'Ambrogio and work execution date. The painting comes from the Church of San Francesco, just from the Chapel of San Bernardino, consecrated in the year of his canonization (1450).

San Bernardino da Siena