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San Francesco riceve le stimmate Lucignano

San Francesco riceve le stimmate

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Artist: Luca Signorelli
Year: 1510-1512
Current location: Museo Comunale di Lucignano
Original location: San Francesco a Lucignano

Bezel oil on canvas

The lunette depicting St. Francis receiving the stigmata is dated around 1510-12, it is due to Luca Signorelli (Cortona 1445 ca.-1523). The scene is composed according to the dictates of St. Bonaventure's biography: the saint is kneeling before a wall of rocks, as his hands, his feet and chest are pierced by golden rays from a creature appeared in the sky, half Christ and Serafino half; at the opposite end is Brother Leo, companion of Francis on the Verna. The bezel comes as suggested by the subject represented, from the Church of San Francesco. For a long time it was considered that the table was the only surviving part of the 'closet commissioned to Luca Signorelli to protect the Golden Tree, but it has been shown that it is rather an altarpiece.

San Francesco riceve le stimmate