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Affreschi Sala delle Udienze Lucignano

Affreschi Sala delle Udienze

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Current location: Museo Comunale di Lucignano
Original location:

The walls and the ceiling of the Hall Tree retain an interesting cycle of frescoes of great importance for the political and artistic history of Lucignano. This is the Audience Hall, the place where once the Priors of Lucignano administered justice and frescoes that decorate it are famous people of the past to the dual purpose of paying tribute to the greatness of the Ancients and serve as a warning and example for men to which, in the present, it was given the difficult task of governing.

The frescoes, commissioned by the Priors who took turns in those years of domination of Siena, have been made over more than fifty years: the oldest date shown in the entries is 1438, the last read is the 1479. The characters are drawn from the history and ancient myth, Romans and Greeks, and the Bible we find kings and emperors (Caesar, Augustus, Constantine, Justinian), philosophers (Aristotle, Boethius), biblical heroes (Samson, Judith, Judah Maccabee, Noah), the characters myth (Hercules and Janus), saints (St. Paul) and other famous Roman (Pompey, Camillus, Brutus, Metellus, Muzio Scaevola, Virgil, Lucrezia, Cato of Utica).

On all dominates the Majesty of Augustine of Marsilio guarantor of justice well administered and well conducted, flanked by Lucignano protectors: St. John the Baptist, San Biagio, San Felice Pope, St. Michael, St. Francis and St. Agatha. The frescoes are obvious references to the painting cycle by Taddeo di Bartolo nell'Anticappella of the first of the '400 Siena Public Palace, when under the influence of humanistic culture, began to decorate the palaces of public rooms with examples of "Good Government ". Another note of interest of this cycle is the presence of many inscriptions taken from the Divine Comedy: for the first time, the heroes are characters that proposed for example for Dante embodied the idea of ​​justice and freedom.

Affreschi Sala delle Udienze