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Madonna con Bambino Lucignano

Madonna con Bambino

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Artist: Luca Signorelli
Current location: Museo Comunale di Lucignano
Original location: San Francesco a Lucignano

Madonna and Child, which also comes from one of the altars of the nearby Church of San Francesco. Portion of a larger composition, which as you can see other parties involved in the Madonna side, covered by a fake golden punching. In the frame at the base reads: "VERBUM CARO FACTUM EST ET ABITAVIT NOBIS" ("The Word became flesh and dwelt among us").

This painting is attributed to the workshop of Luca Signorelli that he developed an idea of the teacher, but it is difficult finding for the many interventions that have modified it. We notice the naked little boy how to give relief to his human nature thus reflecting the degree of naturalism typical of humanistic and Renaissance culture.

Madonna con Bambino